Crusher Dust
Top Soil
Pea Stone
We’re pleased to offer the widest variety of landscaping materials on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Whether you’re top dressing your lawn, mulching the garden, or building a new garden or patio, you’ll find all the raw materials you need to bring your property to life at All Outdoors. We can load your vehicle on site, or deliver directly to your property. See our bulk materials price list for 2024 below. We’re available to help you estimate the amount and type of materials you’ll need for your project.   Delivery price is  based on quanity purchased and distance to civic address.
Per Yard
Lawn Soil $45.00
Garden Soil $55.00
Triple Mix Organic Soil $65.00
Natural Black Mulch $48.00
Black Mulch (dyed chips) $49.00
Natural Mulch (coarse chips) $48.00
Red Mulch (cedar) $59.00
Compost (enviro grass) $25.00
Granite 3/4″ clear $35.00
Granite 1/2″ clear $35.00
Granite 1″ $35.00
River Rock $49.00
Peastone 3/8″ $49.00
Class A $30.00
Class A – Blue $35.00
Masonry Sand $50.00
Polymeric Sand
Compost/Manure $70.00
Crusher Dust $35.00
Sod (each) $3.00
Sod/pallet (450 sq.ft = 90 sods) $195.00
Flagstone $10.00/piece (2 sq. ft size)
Footing Tube $75/piece