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  • 10/03/2017

    Our mowing manager Mark Miester was in today servicing some of the mowing equipment and thought that Jesse's dump truck should have a bath! Thanks Mark!! I'm sure Jesse will be pleased lol!!read more »

  • 07/03/2017

    Many thanks to our awesome staff and fantastic customers for helping us to win the Lunenburg Queens small business award !!! We were up against some strong competitors, but took the award in the end!!! :)read more »

  • 18/02/2017

    Cleaning up a few more yards today with one of the plow trucks!! Looks like we're in the clear for a bit!! Bring on the nice mild weather!!read more »

  • 14/02/2017

    She thinks my tractors sexy!! Happy Plowentines everyone!! Lol!! Special thanks to the snow removal team for all their hard work! We had lots of help for this one! Shouts out to Jesse, William, Larry, Jarvis, Brett, Roger and Andrew for making sure all our customers got plowed out in a timely manner! Thanks guys, I've had many calls and emails praising your hard work:)read more »

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developed by: Mario Concina